studio equipment built in canada

Sound production is a very important aspect of the entertainment industry. The little things you may consider important are actually very vital.

A name like Ace Waters knows this and that is why it just signed a deal with a Canadian company to import top-notch studio equipment. Details to follow.

Importing Recording Studio Equipment From Canada

studio equipment in transit from canada

Ace Waters is one of the biggest names in terms of sound production. It has been giving out great sounds over the years.

This deal entails that the Canadian company will supply Ace Waters with the very best and latest recording equipment. The deal also includes provision of software and other related materials as well, to Ace Waters.

These items include but are not limited to: a new studio computer, digital audio workstation, digital conversion, rack mount, power conditioner, microphone preamp, headphone amp, virtual instruments, midi controller, electronic drum kit, control surface software/plugins, uninterruptible power supply, direct box etc

Other equipment also included DI boxes, headphone amps, monitor management, headphones, studio monitors, snake cables, microphones stands, pop filters, open and closed back headphones, bass traps, acoustic panels, diffusers, reflection filters, monitor isolation pads, studio monitor, microphone stands

Investing to Meet Demand

Change is constant, even in the entertainment industry. This deal shows that Ace Waters is making serious efforts to keep up with the changes and meet the demands of the entertainment industry.

As an example, snake cables are gradually replacing regular cables. No more having multiple cables scattered all over and getting entangled to the point where separating them becomes a headache. With snake cables, every cable is joined together in a bunch. This makes connection easier and lets your studio look neater.

Filters and diffusers are very important. Pop filters reduce the air blasts you produce when making certain sounds. The studio rack mount enables Ace Waters to record, mix and match multiple records. Furthermore, the power conditioner also makes the studio look better and prevents electrical surge. Instead of multiple power cables, Ace Waters only need a single cable.

The lists of equipment and their modernized functions go on and on. It clearly points out the fact that Ace Waters continues to meet up with the demands for music tracks, new albums, sound effects for the Online casino industry. Its investment with the Canadian company is a proof.

Sound Equipment to Be Tuned by Pro Canadian Software Engineer

the canadian guy tuning ace waters studio equipment

Despite investing in these sophisticated equipment, tools and software, it will all go to waste if they are not entrusted to the right person. Just like a car, equipments are only as good as the person using them. Ace Waters is aware of this fact and their actions confirms so. This is why they are bringing in a good sound engineer to take charge of these new equipment. The sound engineer is not just any sound engineer.

He is a very popular one with many years of experience. Being an engineer who has worked with renowned Canadian online casino comparison sites such as , he will be bringing this wealth of experience to Ace Waters. Thus enabling them to become the best in the Canadian Online Casinos business.

There is much to expect from the outcome of this deal because it seems very promising.