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Imagine playing slots online without the sound the machine makes. I bet you did not enjoy it.

Now imagine the same scenario but this time with the sound. It was fun right?

It is very important for our games to make some sounds which eventually make playing, more fun. Indeed, game sound design is an art of creating and adding audio components and elements to a game. This involves creating a complete collection of custom sound effects to give the game a sense of uniqueness and band realism.

It is done by technicians or sound designer. The latter is responsible for fabricating, generating and manipulating audio elements for the game. This is where ACE Waters come in.

Opportunity for Irish Interns to Join the US based Composers Team

US interns team

ACE Waters is a team of highly sophisticated and coordinated team of composers based in the United States. They are basically known for creating game sounds for the gaming industry. The organization offers internship opportunities for Irish graduates with a promise of helping shape their future and subsequently turning the selected student (s) into graceful composers.

With the help of the Irish government and its educational board, the company scouts through prestigious colleges and music schools for students of exceptional academic qualities and performance especially in sound production. Since it deals in the production of game sounds, especially for the online casino market, the intern is expected to have an idea of ​​the gaming world and how sound production works with these games. Hence, the inernship opportunites are also open to ex staff members of online gaming companies. We have recently recieved new interns which previous worked at testing online casino games

ACE Waters internship offers an avenue for experienced sound designers and composers to mentor and educate young and upcoming talents in the industry.

The Internship Package

intern benefits

Internship all over the world vary. Depending on who or where you are interning, internships are either paid or unpaid. At ACE Waters all interns are paid. Not just that, but all their expenses are catered for. From the flight from Ireland to the United States to accommodation.

In addition, the intern is entitled to a monthly allowance to cater for daily expenses and also monthly performance bonuses (which also comes at the end of every month but waged according to the intern’s monthly input). There are also free breakfast and lunch provision in the office every day.

Some other benefits of the internship include: travel and leisure expenses, free health insurance and travel costs. To cap it all, wild and exotic Friday parties are encouraged to help strengthen the bond amongst colleagues and co-workers which eventually create a progressive and positive working space.

The Ideal Candidates

royal irish academy of music

The perfect candidate for the internship must possess basic requirements, including:

  • A diploma from a respectable and prestigious Irish composer school, university or college.
  • The candidate must possess a positive attitude towards working with other colleagues and with superiors.
  • He must be willing to learn and also willing to teach others too.
  • The candidate must have a passion for music which is primarily the driving wheel behind the internship program.
  • The candidate must have had similar experience with creating sound effects for games most especially.
  • He must have little or more knowledge on gaming and how game sounds work.

Last but not least, the candidate must be dedicated and hardworking.